Julianna Babayan, Legal Assistant

Julianna Babayan

Julianna Babayan is a legal assistant at Shebby Hirashima. Julianna recently graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles as a first-generation student and American with a bachelor’s degree in English. An aspiring lawyer, she is a passionate and dedicated individual ready to learn and grow. Prior to joining Shebby Hirashima, Julianna worked at a boutique immigration law firm in Beverly Hills.

A SoCal native, Julianna enjoys the California sun anywhere she goes. She is the oldest of five children and loves to spend quality time with her younger siblings and try new restaurants. Julianna is a dog mom to her maltipoo Coco and loves spending time at the barn with her horse Rocky. During the days she seeks relaxation, she practices yoga and goes to the beach. Growing up with an adventurous spirit, she recently took a solo trip to Italy and explored the towns of the Amalfi Coast. There she dived headfirst into the beautiful Italian culture by spending time with the people she met along the way and eating the best homemade dishes one can imagine.