A uniquely complementary approach to family law

At Shebby•Hirashima, we work at the intersection of counselor-at-law and assertive litigation. The law tells people what they can and can’t do. We help our clients make smart decisions about what they should do. Sometimes litigation, other times not.

Our Path to Success

A creative and proactive approach

Our lawyers — graduates of Stanford Law School, Loyola Law School and USC Gould School of Law — craft creative and proactive approaches to each case from the moment we are retained. We bring big firm standards that are often lacking in the Family Law bar. Those standards include:

  • Knowing what matters and what doesn’t, and focusing only upon what matters;
  • Assembling a well credentialed team of experts, including our in-house forensic accountant; and,
  • Mastery of relevant statutes and case law, as evidenced by our frequent lectures and publications. In fact, David Shebby currently serves as an adjunct professor at Loyola Law School teaching Marital Property.
Meet Our Lawyers

Elite and uncompromising litigation expertise

Decades of experience have taught that the most successful way to obtain a fair settlement is by not being afraid to proceed to trial. When and if a settlement is not possible, our team thrives in Court. Candidly, courtroom battles are our specialty. Because of our strong record of courtroom success, many referrals come to us from other family law attorneys and mediators. Those professionals trust Shebby · Hirashima LLP with the most important people in their lives – their friends, family members, and clients. We take that trust very seriously.

Quickly, respectfully

Clients will always receive prompt responses and individualized attention. We believe it is paramount that clients fully understand the status of their case and the next indicated action. Shebby · Hirashima understands that family law proceedings exact a high emotional cost. We therefore make it our mission to resolve cases as quickly and respectfully as possible.