Shebby Hirashima Prevails on Appeal in Protective Order Case

Partners David Shebby and Kristen Hirashima prevailed on appeal such that a domestic violence victim’s restraining order remains in effect, with all costs being awarded to the firm’s client.

In February 2020 – after a multi-day evidentiary hearing – Shebby Hirashima successfully obtained a five-year protective order under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act (Fam. Code § 6200 et seq.) for its client. The trial court found that the appellant stalked the client and became threatening after the client repeatedly told him that she did not want to continue their brief dating relationship. Appellant appealed the trial court’s issuance of the protective order.

After briefing and oral argument, on August 5, 2021, the California 2nd District Court of Appeal concluded that the trial court acted well within its discretion in issuing the protective order and the client remains under the court’s protection to this day.