Partners David Shebby and Kristen Hirashima Complete Fall Semester as Loyola Law Adjunct Professors

Leaves dying in fall

Graduation season is coming into full swing and the Partners are preparing their Loyola Law Students for their final examination for Marital Property.

David Shebby and Kristen Hirashima spend their Wednesday afternoons teaching the ins and outs of Marital Property. Marital Property is a ‘Bar course’ essential for students to be successful when sitting for the State Bar Exam. Kristen and David implement real case issues faced throughout their careers to ensure students benefit from having professors who are practicing attorneys. The Partners’ real world experience helps the students develop an understanding that goes beyond their textbook. The course includes topics such as community property laws, rights to tangible and intangible property, and the rights at separation, divorce, and death.

Shebby Hirashima LLP has three attorneys who graduated from Loyola Law including Partner Kristen Hirashima. David and Kristen are honored to share their knowledge and prepare the next generation of attorneys. Although the term is ending soon the firm invites summer interns each year to work at the firm and gain practical experience to supplement their textbook learning.