How to End a Marriage (Responsibly) – Fatherly Interviews Kristen Hirashima

Divorce is complicated and costly. However, not all divorce proceedings have to start or end in an unpleasant fashion. In an interview with Fatherly, Partner Kristen Hirashima offers advice on how to handle a divorce fairly and responsibly.

“Defining your priorities at the outset of your divorce and re-examining throughout your case is important,” said Kristen. “There may be some rocky waters and tough decisions during the divorce process and reminding yourself of your priority will help you make decisions in line with it.”

The first step is to find the right divorce attorney and Kristen believes real answers to your questions are not found online. She advised, “As early as possible, make appointments with several attorneys in your area to ask them about divorce. Shake them down for information about ending a marriage — they’ll offer far more reliable legal advice than Google.”

If the split becomes more complicated due to other factors, you may need to hire other professionals who are equipped to handle concerns outside your attorney’s scope. Kristen suggests bringing in a forensic accountant to uncover hidden assets, and possibly speaking with a therapist to address the emotional aspects of divorce.

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